Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation

14/4/2024 09:00 AM – 19/4/2024 07:00 PM / Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Alpha Education in collaboration with SEE Institute has launched the ‘Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation Executive Program. This executive program specializes in creating and implementing new ideas, products, processes, or business models that address environmental and social challenges while ensuring economic viability.

Classical leadership in the modern world

24/6/2024 10:20 PM – 28/6/2024 10:20 PM / Athens, Greece

Uncover the enduring principles of leadership that transcend time and apply them to today’s complex global challenges at ‘Classical Leadership in the Modern World. The executive programme is designed to help you develop yourself as a leader within a fast-pace environment. You will learn how to motivate and equip others, successfully lead teams, and build constructive working relationships.