Lifelong Learning

Empowering individuals and organisations to navigate global challenges

Residential programmes for Universities and technological institutes

Our residential client programmes aim to provide learners with a practical and applied perspective of a discipline. The duration is between 3-5 days while at the beginning of each programme, the first day is allocated to discussing the client’s objectives and project expectations. We work with large organisations (clients) such as Canon, Hilton Hotels, Mercedes Benz, OSN, Barcelo Group and many others where learners work real-time with coaches to tackle client challenges.

Bespoke programmes for organisations and Governmental bodies

In addition to our extensive range of executive education courses we also work closely with organisations and Governmental bodies to develop bespoke programmes for upskilling and career development. Some are purely online allowing participants to study at their own pace, whilst others are taught face to face, or take a blended approach with both online and offline elements. The flexibility of format ensures that there is a course that suits every type of learner.

Global Incubator and virtual internships

Our Global Incubator hosts up to 10 startups annually. The 3-month incubation period ensures that development of ideas is accelerated to the next level and that talented entrepreneurs are retained. The programme enhances the sustainability and accessibility of entrepreneurship initiatives for talented entrepreneurs from varied and inclusive backgrounds. Virtual internships typically involve working for a company or organization without the need to be physically present in an office.

Educational Partners